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Century Strategies is one of the nationís leading public affairs and public relations firms. Century Strategies has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations, members of the United States House and Senate leadership, numerous Governors, and the campaign of President George W. Bush.

Founded by Ralph Reed in 1997, Century provides strategic consulting and long-range planning for numerous corporate clients as well as political campaign management consulting to candidates in every region of the country.

Century Strategies offers a number of valuable services to its clients in the business and corporate community who face a challenging and sometimes confusing public affairs environment. And it's political insight and experience are unrivaled by any other firm.

Century Strategies is a full-service firm providing Strategic Business Development Assistance, Organizational Development, Direct Mail and Voter Contact Services, Fundraising Management, Research and Analyisis, Creative Media Planning, Public and Media Relations, and List Management and Procurement.

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