Winning Victories for Our Clients


Nothing takes priority for us above helping our clients achieve their goals and exceeding their expectations. Century has achieved victories for its clients that are far above industry standards. We have built our entire corporate culture around a client-centered, goal-oriented work product.

Just a few of our most notable victories include:

A financial services company opposed a regulation by a federal agency that regulated the terms, conditions, and prices for a $30 billion market. Century Strategies built a broad-based coalition of issue organizations who opposed the regulation as unreasonable, sought its legislative repeal, and signed coalition letters to Congress. This campaign ultimately led to the agency rolling back the regulation.

A large energy concern found itself before a state regulatory commission on a regulatory issue that could have adversely affected its business. A grassroots and media campaign designed by Century Strategies led to a favorable outcome that allowed it to enter a marketplace worth over $1 billion.

A major telecommunications company hired Century Strategies to defeat a proposed federal regulation that would have decimated its business. Century assembled a bipartisan coalition of grassroots organizations opposing the regulation and hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls to Capitol Hill. The regulation died after being defeated by a single vote.

An international client sought legislative action on an issue affecting U.S. investments that had been bottled up in a Congressional committee for a decade. After Century Strategies prepared a strategy memorandum for Congressional leaders, the legislation moved out of committee. Century then designed and coordinated a public relations campaign that led to victory by a single vote.

A Fortune 100 timber and forestry company engaged Century to assist in winning fairer tax treatment of its investments. A grasstops campaign designed by Century won the support of key members of Congressional tax-writing committees and the passage of significant tax relief for the industry after more than five years of previously fruitless effort.

A major film studio prepared to release a feature film dealing with sensitive issues related to religious faith. Century Strategies’ principals arranged a series of meetings with religious leaders that addressed concerns, diffused potential opposition, and led to a constructive dialogue. The film was later released without protest and grossed nearly $100 million.

A startup technology company featuring innovative new software sought assistance in launching its new service. Century Strategies arranged affinity-marketing partnerships reaching two million consumers, recruited a former Cabinet official to its board of directors, and arranged news conferences and media coverage. A subsequent private placement resulted in $6 million in new investment to the company.

A technology company subject to antitrust litigation from a competitor recruited Century to design a grassroots campaign that would provide strong support for innovation rather than regulation in software. Century’s campaign led to one party dropping the litigation and another losing funding to proceed with legal action.

A large energy concern desired to defeat a tax increase in a Midwestern state that would have cost tens of millions of dollars. Century designed a grasstops and public relations campaign that led to the defeat of the tax by the state legislature over the objections of the Governor.

A Fortune 100 defense and aeronautics company seeking the modernization of a major military program faced opposition from a competitor. Century built a grassroots coalition of organizations that placed op eds, letters to the editor, and print ads in publications and websites reaching millions. After the campaign, Congress approved a multi-billion dollar modernization of the system and American war fighters were safer and better equipped.

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