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While other firms focus primarily on direct representation, Century believes a winning strategy is more important than communicating with elected officials alone. Century reframes the narrative, develops a winning message, and recruits allies who will carry that message to like-minded opinion leaders and public policy officials.

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Have you ever felt like you were waging a battle virtually alone against forces too powerful and entrenched to overcome? Century evens the playing field. Our firm identifies, recruits and deploys allies and third-party organizations. Our principals boast strong public policy backgrounds and have long standing relationships with leading policy organizations, opinion leaders and advocacy groups. Our friends become our clients’ friends where policy interests naturally intersect and overlap.

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FDR was the first president to master radio, JFK was the first president to master television, and Barack Obama and Donald Trump mastered social media. Today there are 2.8 billion social media accounts worldwide and among millennials over 40 percent of video consumption takes place online. Century uses the latest digital targeting to identify citizens, deliver the best message, and recruit allies on key issues. Using social media, we also know how to build a network of the most engaged and active activists with the largest followings.

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Century principals are among the nation’s most effective grassroots organizers, having managed public policy organizations with millions of members and helped build the “ground game” of victorious presidential campaigns. Our field network of operatives and allies provides our clients with immediate organizational capabilities. We are expert at recruiting and deploying affinity relationships who have a unique connection with public policy leaders.

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Our firm has designed and build advocacy campaigns utilizing data analytics and microtargeting since the infancy of this technology. Our proprietary databases contain tens of millions of citizen-consumers that include distinct data points to identify those most inclined to be interested in a product, service or issue. Our services include data integration and centralization, audience segmentation, and message targeting.


Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.” Century knows how to embed its client’s message in the right medium for maximum influence and impact. We do so by developing a simple, persuasive message and communicating that message across multiple media platforms with disciplined repetition to specific audiences. These platforms span the continuum from traditional opinion editorials and letters to the editor to research papers, blogs, online media sites and social media posts.


Century Strategies deals with public opinion research data for a wide range of clients, and has an ongoing familiarity with attitudes on a wide range of subjects, including trade, taxes, cultural attitudes, the environment and industry-specific issues such as financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing.

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Century Strategies offers a number of valuable services to its clients in the business and corporate community who face a challenging and sometimes confusing public affairs environment.

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