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Century creates detailed, comprehensive campaign plans encompassing- but not limited to- strategic assumptions and goals, campaign budget, fundraising plan, direct mail and telephone bank plan, grassroots organization plan, earned media plan, and television and radio advertising plan.

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Century Strategies understands that building a team and organization that can win is just as important as providing strategic advice. That is why working with the Client, Century can help put together a campaign team including both full-time staffers and service vendors. And using its unmatched experience, Century assists in building grassroots coalitions with core voter groups, their leadership, and their organizations so each client’s campaign gets the support and assistance they need to win.

Business Strategies- Century Strategies

Century provides expert assistance in issue positioning and strategic planning both to earn pro-active coverage and to respond to breaking events. We work with the Client in speech preparation, media interviews, public debates and forums, and other such events. Our firm constantly looks for ways to generate creative, earned media coverage for clients. We help assist our clients in elevating the national and state profile of clients through the use of contacts in the media, major coalition groups, and party leaders across the country.


Century can provide almost any campaign service needed by our clients. In fact, much of it is done right in our offices under the direct supervision of our consultants. From fundraising services including direct mail prospecting, voter contact services, list management or procurement, even opposition research is available so our clients can receive the best service at the lowest possible price.

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Century Strategies offers a number of valuable services to its clients in the business and corporate community who face a challenging and sometimes confusing public affairs environment.

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